XP Methodology Extreme Programming (Agile methodology)

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Extreme Programming methodology is an agile and flexible methodology used for project management.

Extreme programming focuses on enhancing the interpersonal relationships of the development team as a key to success through teamwork, continuous learning and good working climate.

This methodology puts the emphasis on continuous feedback between customer and development team and is ideal for projects with imprecise and highly changing requirements.


XP Methodology-Extreme Programming

XP Methodology-Extreme Programming



  • The project team is considered as the main success factor of the project
  • Software that works over good documentation.
  • Constant interaction between the client and the development team.
  • Flexible and open planning.
  • Rapid response to change.



  • Client: Responsible for defining and conducting the project as well as its objectives.
  • Programmers: Estimate the development times of each activity and program the project.
  • Tester: Test Manager.
  • Tracker: Follow-up manager.
  • Coach: Coach. Its role is to guide and orient the team.
  • Big Boss: Project manager, Project Manager, you must have a general idea of the project and be familiar with your state.


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