SCRUM Methodology (Agile methodology)

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SCRUM Methodology definition

The SCRUM methodology is an agile and flexible methodology used for project management.

It was developed by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi at the beginning of the 80, when analyzing the development of projects of the main technological companies: Fuji-Xerox, Canon, Honda, NEC, Epson, Brother, 3m and Hewlett-Packard

Scrum breaks down the organization into small self-organized teams. Each team develops the projects based on partial deliveries “sprints”, with the aim of aligning expectations with the client and increasing the value that is offered to them.


SCRUM Methodology

SCRUM Methodology



  1. The client/sponsor or”Product Owner” defines the system requirements to develop “product Backlog“, always under the figure of a supervisory assistant or “Scrum Master“.
  2. These requirements are broken down into several more manageable work packages “Sprint Backlog“, which can go from 2 to 4 weeks of work per package, this decomposition is done in a meeting or “Sprint planning meeting” that can last up to 8 hours and where it is defined (the The “What” and “how” the work will be prepared.
  3. The self-organized work team has a daily Scrum meeting for about 15 minutes, at this meeting each one exposes what it did, what it will do and what problems it has encountered and it is debated among all as how to perform the tasks.
  4. When a sprint completes a meeting or “sprint review” where the resulting product of the “sprint Backlog” is presented, a “sprint Retrospective” retrospective meeting can also be held for up to 3 hours, evaluating the techniques and skills Used to assess whether they can be improved and applied for the following sprints.
  5. Repeating for each “Sprint Backlog” We would obtain the final product as a succession of small increments.


Prescribed meetings

Sprint Planning Meeting: Sprint scheduling session.

Daily Scrum: Daily follow-up meeting.

Sprint review: Reviewing meeting.

Sprint Retrospective: Retrospective meeting.



  • Product Owner: Customer or Sponsor
  • Scrum Master: Supervisor who assists the whole process.
  • Members of the development team.


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