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Conectores de secuencia

FIRST – Primeramente

TO WHET YOUR APPETITE – para ir abriendo boca

TO BEGIN WITH – para ir empezando

SECONDLY – Lo segundo


FOR THE ODER HAND – por el otro lado

NEXT – A continuación

LIKE LAST YEAR – Como el año pasado

FINALLY – Finalmente


Conectores de adición (addition)

ADD – y

I love tea and coffee.
I always eat fish and chips.


I have the qualifications you require and, in addition, several years experience.

TOO – También/Tanto

I am hungry, and you are tooso are you.

You are too young to understand.

ALSO – También/además

If you call to me I will also call to you.

NOT ONLY … BUT ALSO – No solamemte … sino también

Hugo plays not only the guitar but also the violin.
Not only is Sally disappointed at her brother but also angry at his remarks.

NOT ONLY … BUT … AS WELL – No solo…sino…también

Javito y Lore not only enjoy, but love at each other as well.

BOTH … AND … – Tanto … como …

The politician desire both money and power.


Conectores de contraste

HOWEVER – Sin embargo

It’s a good idea. However, I don’t think we have the money to fund it.

WHILE – Mientras

I finished a book while watching TV.


I see her all the time, although I never speak to her.

BUT – Pero

I liked the book but I didn’t buy it.

NEVERTHELESS – Sin embargo

it was raining very much, nevertheless we went fishing.

STILL – Todavía

I can’t talk to him; He still haven’t arrived.


Conectores Funcionales

Expresan un fin, objetivo o propósito.

SO – Entonces / así que / tambien / tan o muy / sí

So, tell me what you think about my new dress! (entonces)

I’m hungry, so I’m going to eat. (así que)

I want to go to the holidays and so does my girlfriend. (también)

He was so tired that he can’t went to the party (tan o muy)

Does he like her? I think so. ()


Conectores Causales

Because – Porque

The baby was crying because he fell.


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