Diálogo en ingles: Ir de tiendas

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Dependent: Can I help you?
Customer: No thanks, I’m just looking.
Dependent: OK

Customer: No, actually, Have you got this jumper in different colours?
Dependent: Yes we have it in blue, green and white.

Customer: Can you bring me a blue one please?
Dependent: Right away. What size are you?
Customer: Extra-large… I eat an English breakfast every morning.

Dependent: Can I try it on?
Customer: Of course, the fitting room is here.

Dependent: How does it fit?
Customer: It’s a little tight, have you got the next size up?
Customer: Excellent… I’ll take it.
Dependent: Ok… please pay at the cash desk, I’ll accompany you.

Dependent: Would you like to pay by credit card or in cash, sir?
Customer: In cash. Sorry I only have a 500 euros note… is that okay?

Dependent: No problem. Here’s your change and your receipt, you have fourteen days to return it if you want a refund.
Customer: Ok, thanks very much

Dependent: See you soon
Customer: Bye bye

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