Installing Python development environment

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Install PythonPython logo

To facilitate this step and successive steps, you can install Anaconda


Install Python 2.7 in Centos 7

Check Python version

> python

Note: When you enter Python you can see the active version of it. Use exit() to finish

Check Centos version

> cat /etc/redhat-release

Check the latest version of Anaconda

Download the latest version chord versions of Python

> wget

Install the BZIP2 package to prevent installation errors

yum install bzip2

Run the installer

> bash

Answering questions with <Intro>or <yes></yes> </Intro>

Install Python Package Manager “pip”

yum -y update
yum -y install python-pip


Install IDE Development

There are many Mac development environments for python, such as Rodeo (similar to RStudio but for python), PyCharm CE or Mac XCode itself

After trying them the most convinced me has been PyCharm CE


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